F) Un100
A) In40
S) Un100
E) Un100
R) In40
I) In40
P) Un100

Health: 340
Karma: 180
Resources: Gd
Pop: -100

Known Powers:
Immortality: Lobo cannot permanently be killed because he has been barred from both heaven and hell. He's as indestructible as you can get, and an astoundingly efficient brawler and street fighter. Simply put, he's a juggernaut of wanton destruction and ultra-violent rampage.
Invulnerabilities: CL1000 resistance to Heat and Cold.
Self-Sustenance: Lobo can survive the vacuum of space. He may hold his breathe for days but eventually will need to breath.
Tracking: CL3000, He can track his victims clear across the universe.
Weakness Detection: Un
True Invulnerability: Un
Hyper-Leaping: Un
Regeneration: Un
Hyper-Running: In

Hook and Chain: CL1000 material, Un Edge or Entanglement
Frag Grenades: Range from Gd to Un damage.
Bolter Gun: Un Shooting, 80 areas

Talents: Marksmanship, All Combat Skills, Business/Finance